Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc. utilizes a panel of consultants from diverse backgrounds to provide high quality, defensible evaluations.

                         Schools                                              Employment

                                       * Threat assessment                                                              * Fitness for duty

                            * Intelligence testing                                                               * Pre-employment screening

                            * Learning disability testing                                                    * Substance abuse professional

                            * ADHD assessment                                                              * Threat/Violence risk assessment


                         Civil                                                                        Criminal

                                       * Personal injury                                                                     * Competency to stand trial

                            * Guardianship                                                                        * Violence risk assessment

                            * Parental fitness                                                                    * Sexual risk assessment

                            * Disability determination                                                        * Not guilty by reason of insanity

                            * Independent medical evaluation (IME)                                * Juvenile bindover/Delinquency

                                 Industrial Commission                                                       * Pre-sentence evaluation

                                 Bureau of Workers' Compensation                                   * Substance abuse/Intervention

                                      Extent of impairment                                                          in Lieu of Conviction (IILC)

                                      Maximum medical improvement

                                      Permanent partial impairment

                                      Permanent total impairment

                         Medical                                             Professional Licensure

                              * Pre-surgical evaluations                                                    * Professional fitness to practice     

                                   Bariatric surgery                                                                  Physicians

                                   Pain management                                                               Psychologists

                                   Organ transplantation                                                          Psychiatrists

                                   Cosmetic surgeries                                                              Nurses

                                   Other surgical procedures                                                                           Social workers










psychological evaluations


* Competency to proceed

* Extreme and exceptional


* Spousal abuse

* Asylum from persecution

* Medical certification for

   disability exceptions