Offered to individuals, couples, and families

We treat a broad range of problems including, but not limited to:


     Obsessive-compulsive disorder

     Intellectual disability

     Substance use and addiction


     Trauma and stress


     Personality disorders

     Bipolar disorder

     Relationship problems

     Psychotic disorders

     Disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorders

professional development

Our staff members have extensive experience in providing professional seminars to other mental health professionals, law enforcement, probation officers, attorneys, and judges for continuing education credits.  Previous topics have included:

     Substance abuse

     Competency to stand trial

     Not guilty by reason of insanity

     Domestic violence

     Various mental health issues

     Sex offenders

     Child custody evaluations

     Personality disorders

community outreach

Our staff also has experience in providing wellness seminars to various community agencies, as well as private companies.  A sample of previous topics includes:


     Conflict resolution 

     Recognizing signs of substance abuse

     Stress management

     Goal attainment

     Adult ADHD



forensic evaluations/expert testimony

The psychologists at Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc. have provided expert testimony in many municipal, common pleas, juvenile, and domestic relations courts in Ohio for a wide variety of issues, including:

     Competency to stand trial

     Sanity at the time of the act

     Commitment following insanity acquittal


     Termination of parental rights

     Child sexual abuse

     Personal injury